Imagine you have a magic wand and can create anything in the world.  What would Heaven on Earth look like for you?  Below is my dream for Heaven on Earth for myself.  I hope this spurs you on and inspires you to think about and dream about your ideal/best life.  I'd greatly appreciate if you would share your dreams with me... 
Music: The Nu Dream by Peter Kelly and Francine Jarry.  About Ross Harvey's dream of building a NuVo, better world one day and one person at a time. 

My Eden in Pictures
by Ross Harvey
(click on pictures for larger versions/slideshow and explanations at bottom of each picture)

A Day in My Life (An Average Day) 
  • I am living in a beautiful house in Senneville, on the water, with all my family and friends living near me, across fields. 
  • I wake up with the sun and the birds chirping outside my window and head over to Mum & Dadʼs for a nice cup of tea and read of the paper. 
  • I then take Smokey out for a walk over to the stable where we get Pegasus and go for a nice 1/2 hour walk/run. 
  • I return home, make another nice cup of tea and check my emails. 
  • At 10am, I meet with one of the five Directors from G3, the largest and greatest company in the world, based in Montreal and focused on bringing heaven to every corner of earth for all of mankind. 
  • At 12pm we have a light lunch. Following lunch and depending on the day, I am either off to: 
    • play racquetball, squash, tennis, badminton, short tennis or table tennis at the NuVoWay Lifestyle Centre which is just down the road from my place, or 
    • play golf at the G3 Golf 36 Hole Championship Layout (Braeside National) across the street from my house or any number of amazing courses in the vicinity, or 
    • jump in the helicopter with my friends for an afternoon of skiing. 
  • Whatever the case, we are finished by late afternoon and are enjoying each othersʼ company over beverages (Heineken 0.0% alcohol is my choice!). 
  • I return home, go over to Mum & Dadʼs place to pick up Smokey, then over to the stable to get Pegasus for another run. 
  • Upon my return home I check over my emails once again. 
  • At about 7pm I head out to meet with friends and enjoy great food, beverages and entertainment at the myriad of great resto/clubs which have opened across Montreal. I am home and in bed by 11pm. 
Two important notes: 
  • Norah Jones (my eternal soulmate) is the most important part of my life. She is living in New York City and every weekend either I fly down or she flies up, in the luxury of our G3 Gulfstream piloted by John Evans. 
  • An amazing part of my life is traveling to all parts of the world on our G3 Boeing 787 Dreamliner (with a group of approximately 200 family, and friends) and staying in great hotels or on our Oceania G3 with all Owner's Suites and being able to watch on as heaven descends to earth. In all of these areas we can play racquet sports at recently built NuVoWay LifeStyle Centres (built by Michael Murphy) or golf at recently built G3 Golf 36 Hole Championship Layouts designed by Darrell Huxham (and special assistant Dave Stotland) and just have great fun at G3 Destination Locations in each place.
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